European Development Aid to super Rich Africa: Reader in Finland confronts Government

[A reader of my website, who watches my videos was clearly touched by my explanation of how incredibly wealthy Black Africa really is. So he wrote me this note stating that he approached the Foreign Ministry of Finland, it seems he did not get a positive response. I am very pleased to see however, that this message really got through to him. Black Africa is stinking RICH. The West is propping up Governments which would have COLLAPSED DECADES AGO! The Leftists he refers to are generally communists who do anything to WEAKEN THE WEST ANYWAY! But facts like these which I have shown people are important to spread around so that Whites really grasp what is going on. Jan]

The reader in Finland wrote:
I saw your video which showed how much natural resources Africa had.

My home country (Finland) has no natural resources yet it is giving massive amounts of foreign aid to African countries.

It is insane. Yet it has not stopped since leftist parties love giving money away.

I mailed the foreign ministry and told them these realities. But it does nothing anyway.

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