Dumb Liberals think ANC will lose 2024 Election: ANC confident of ‘decisive majority’ in 2024 as DA tells EF F to pick ‘a struggle’ – My Comments

[People have no idea how the ANC really works. All kinds of Liberal and weak Whites are in for a nasty surprise in 2024. The Liberals and Pro-DA types think the ANC can be VOTED OUT and that Blacks will toss them out. You keep watching. It does not matter how low the ANC's ratings are, THEY WILL WIN IN 2024. At the very least by teaming up with other hard core commies like the EFF. But Black Communists will be ruling SA after 2024. We Whites need to arm up and look after ourselves. People who are new to politics have no idea how QUICKLY these Black Communists can KICK AND BEAT and force ALL BLACKS TO TOE the line. They've done it before and they will do it again! Jan]

The ANC says it believes that a multi-party coalition government will not work.

Julius Malema / Fikile Mbalula / John Steenhuisen

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