Did Apartheid South Africa assassinate & shoot down the plane of a Black President?


[I see that people are still trying to pin the blame on White South Africans for the crash of the aircraft of the Black Communist Samora Machel in 1986. Below is the section from wikipedia about the crash of his plane into a hillside in South Africa and the many claims that the Whites of South Africa or the Whites AND the Russians played a role in his demise. I see below that a Portuguese Journalist says that the real cause of the crash was the Russian crew serving alcohol and drinks and that they were not focussing on their tasks. This actually matches what I heard years ago. I knew someone who told me that he had a journalist friend who was one of the first people at the scene of the crash. The foreign minister of South Africa, Pik Botha was in charge of the events taking place at the crash site. In subsequent years, this filthy, disgusting man, Pik Botha, even joined the ANC – the communist ruling party of South Africa. And so of course he talks whatever nonsense they want him to talk. But returning to what I heard personally. The journalist who was one of the first people at the crash site, said that in the wreckage were lots of bottles of liquor, especially Jack Daniels I think. He also said that on board the plane, among the deceased were sluts. So there was a whole lot of partying and sex going on in the plane at the time of the crash. Pik Botha covered all that up on that day and the South African government never told the disgusting truth about what had happened – sadly. And so the Blacks have been able, to this day, to constantly try to claim that the Whites shot the plane down or lured the plane into crashing. This is all nonsense. I see that even now, recently, academics are still trying to write papers claiming that Apartheid South Africa was responsible for this accident. Meanwhile the truth is: Liquor, whores and partying on the president's plane. Jan]

On 19 October 1986, Machel attended a summit in Mbala, Zambia, called to put pressure on Zairean dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, over his support for the Angolan opposition movement UNITA. The strategy of the Front Line States was to move against Mobutu and Banda in an attempt to end their support for UNITA and Renamo, who they regarded as South African surrogates. Although the Zambian authorities invited Machel to stay in Mbala overnight, he insisted on returning to Maputo. He had a meeting scheduled for the following morning at which he intended to reshuffle the leadership of the armed forces. Machel thus overrode the instruction from the Security Ministry that the President should not travel at night – with fatal consequences. The plane never reached Maputo. That night it crashed into a hillside at Mbuzini, just inside South Africa. Machel and 33 others died. Nine people sitting at the back of the plane survived.[29]

The Margo Commission, set up by the South African government, but which included high-level international representation,[citation needed] investigated the incident and concluded that the accident was caused by pilot error.[30] Despite the acceptance of its findings by the International Civil Aviation Organization, the report was rejected by the Mozambican and Soviet governments. The latter submitted a minority report suggesting that the aircraft was intentionally lured off course by a decoy radio navigation beacon set up specifically for this purpose by the South Africans. Speculation about the accident has therefore continued to the present day, particularly in Mozambique.[31]

Hans Louw, a Civil Cooperation Bureau operative, claims to have helped bring about Machel’s death.[32][33] Pik Botha, South African foreign affairs minister at the time, who later joined the ANC, said that the investigation into the plane crash should be re-opened.[34]

The Portuguese journalist, José Milhazes [pt], who lived in Moscow from 1977 to 2015 and currently[when?] works for the Portuguese newspaper Público and as a correspondent for the Portuguese television channel SIC, maintains that the plane crash had nothing to do with any attempt or any mechanical failure, but was due to several errors of the Russian crew (including the pilot), who, instead of diligently performing their duties, were busy with futile things, like sharing alcoholic and soft drinks unavailable in Mozambique that they had had the possibility to bring from Zambia. In Milhazes’ opinion, both the Soviet and the Mozambican authorities had an interest to spread the thesis of an attempt by the South African government: the Soviets wanted to safeguard their reputation (exempting the plane and the crew from any responsibility), the Mozambicans wanted to create a hero.[35]

In 2007, however, Jacinto Veloso, one of Machel’s most unconditional supporters within Frelimo, had sustained in his memoirs that Machel’s death was due to a conspiracy between the South African and the Soviet secret services, both of which had reasons to get rid of him. According to Veloso, the Soviet ambassador once asked the President for an audience to convey the USSR’s concern about Mozambique’s apparent "sliding away" towards the West, to which Machel supposedly replied "Vai à merda!" (Go to hell!). Having then commanded the interpreter to translate, he left the room. Convinced that Machel had irrevocably moved away from their orbit, the Soviets allegedly did not hesitate to sacrifice the pilot and the whole crew of their own plane.[36]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samora_Machel

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