Crazy South Africa: Black Communist calls out Black Jewish President: Big nose got R1bn from white people to be president, Malema accuses Ramaphosa – My Comments

[The "White people" that Malema is talking about are the JEWS!!! I've explained many times the links between Ramaphosa and the Jews and my own conviction that he converted to Judaism. Malema himself, despite being a Black Communist, has "White" Jewish people working with him too! But it's true, Ramaphosa was backed by the "White" Jews. That's true. They love him. He's their puppet. Jan]

EFF leader Julius Malema has made scathing accusations about President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Malema claimed Ramaphosa received R1bn from “white people” to be president, and alleged Eskom planned to completely turn off electricity in the country.

Malema reiterated that Ramaphosa must vacate office as things “have worsened” under his leadership.

The party leader was addressing the crowd at a Heritage Day event in KwaZulu-Natal this past weekend. He said the EFF must rule KZN in 2024.



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