COVID Masks forced on South Australia – Mask madness – Biden & South Africa

[From a reader in Australia. In the USA, the swamp rat, Biden, is talking about masks for a 100 days or some such rubbish. Alex Linder was telling me that in his town in the USA they are forcing the wearing of masks. In South Africa it is LAW to wear a mask when you go into public. I have seen exceptions, and its wiser to say nothing more of what I have seen first hand! You would laugh if you knew! But we have total insanity on that front. These masks are not good because they mess with your oxygen intake. Jan]

From the Australian reader:

A couple of weeks the South Australian government suddenly totally locked down the entire state worse than any other part of the country. We were "highly encouraged" to wear masks and not allowed to leave the house for anything except going to the supermarket. We had been living free for months. No one had worn a mask. Suddenly everyone except one man and an elderly woman was wearing a mask. I wrapped a thin scarf on my face and hated it. Three days later (instead of the six days we were supposed to have of lockdown) the government admitted that it was all a mistake and ended the lockdown. The man didn’t catch covid from a pizza box or whatever rubbish was supposed to have happened. On the next day everyone was out exercising, walking the dogs, masks were not worn at the supermarket and food and toilet paper back in stock. Seems people are not believing the covid crap in this area at least. The video of the health department giving out free masks in the city mall showed that even the Chinese weren’t wearing masks. I won’t go into the city anymore due to the number of non whites there.

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