COVID: How long does immunity last from COVID? What my Boer Dentist discovered…


I went to my dentist for the first time in quite a long time. He’s a Boer and I’ve been going to him for at least 26 years, perhaps 30 years. We had a really fun time, him and the dental nurse and myself discussing COVID.

They are very aware of the kinds of things that Americans discuss about the COVID nonsense. So we had a lovely time chatting.

My Dentist had COVID in December 2020, and he treated himself with animal Ivermectin!! Which freaked out his brother, who is a Doctor! My Dentist survived and his brother is now a convert to Ivermectin!!! Hahahaha.

My Dentist and I had discussed, in 2020, the issue of immunity. My Dentist is much more fun than my Boer Doctor. He seems to be very much a "normie" who is a corporate slave and does not think enough for himself, whereas my Dentist is a much wilder kind of guy. My Doctor has taken big losses, as have other doctors due to COVID! Insane as it sounds, it is the HOSPITALS who are making a killing out of COVID.

My Dentist said to me that if you’ve had COVID you must have immunity. Anyway, after his COVID he’s been having himself tested for antibodies quite regularly, and this is what he’s discovered.

He told me that the antibody count should be 1.3 or higher and then you will be immune.

He said that he tested his antibody levels 8 months after COVID and his levels are 8.5!!!!!

So he is very definitely immune. He said he will soon be testing himself again, and this will be 10 months after having had COVID and he wants to see what his antibody levels are.

In my discussion with him he was also of the view that if you had SARS or Swine Flu (which is many years ago), you should be IMMUNE to COVID. He says the "strains" of COVID is all just fear mongering junk – which I had also concluded.

But I was pleased to learn that the antibodies you get last long.

He was of the view that all this COVID stuff is just a money-making scam and corruption.

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