COVID-19 FAKE JEWISH SCAM: The GREATEST financial collapse in all of History

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As I look at charts and the news, I am just awestruck by what I’m seeing. There is nothing to compare this to. I think that what we have is a financial WW3. The Jews must be behind this. And they’re sinking the entire economies of Western nations.

South Africa, India and Brazil are in for nightmares.

But I remain steadfast in my view that I’ve always held, that we whites MUST EMBRACE THE CHAOS. And here we have the beginnings of real chaos on an unbelievable scale.

My jaw just drops when I see what’s unfolding. I’m not fully certain about all the causes. But there has to be enormous stuff going on behind the scenes.

I just hope that whites are not sold down the river by other whites at higher levels.

What we are seeing, is making 911 look like nothing, like child’s play. 911 and the invasion of the Middle East is as NOTHING compared to this.

But, this can also be the end of globalism. This moment must be seized upon and we must all work like never before. We have an unprecedented chance to get our message to other whites. This is so enormous. We could wake up incredible numbers of whites who will be shocked and horrified by what is happening.

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