COVID-19 are the Jews deliberately shattering the World’s economy to try & cause WW3?

When I look at newspapers in South Africa and at news in general that’s coming in, especially statistics, the extent of the COVID-19 effects on world economies is beyond belief. Here in South Africa I see the blacks are getting ever more wild with crime on bigger scales. I was looking at photos of blacks completely stripping off wires, equipment, etc from railroads.

I’m still not sure if our 37 hour power outage in my suburb was due to blacks trying to steal cable because they needed to replace 40m of cable in one street and another shorter bit of cable in another street before we could get our electricity back.

The impact of COVID on the world is immense. I’m seriously thinking that this is 1929 all over again, and maybe the beginning of huge problems.

Then there’s BLM and ANTIFA at work in the USA trying to remove Trump from office, trying to spread communism and also trying destroy the Police force. Jews seem to be pushing the BLM stuff massively.

I really think the Jews are trying to destabilise the world in order to cause WW3. I think there is much more to this than meets the eye and the malicious Jews are doing this because of "anti-semitism" getting out of control. They can’t survive in the light of the truth and therefore everyone else must die so they can sneak out the back door.

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