Chart: Is South Africa’s currency the Rand heading for a big collapse? – Is President Ramaphosa a huge FLOP?


[I have an interest in economic things. I was looking with great delight at the chart of the Rand. I have been very concerned by Jewish support of President Ramaphosa and also his very close friendship with the Chief Jewish Rabbi of South Africa. This is concerning me a lot.

It is therefore a great pleasure to see the economy sinking and even better the Rand looking as if its heading into deep trouble. Will the Rand actually reach 17 to the US dollar? I’m not sure. But this chart does not look good.

I regard the ANC Govt and the President as the enemy of us white South Africans. Therefore, any collapse is good. The more your ENEMY WEAKENS … THE BETTER! SINK THE SHIP I SAY!

In the little chart below, look at the black lines I drew. It looks as if the Rand is heading for a collapse. Now to see if that actually happens! Jan]

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