Cartoon: S.Africa: FW De Klerk, Mandela meet … after death…

[FarStar is the best cartoonist I’ve ever seen in the White Right in South Africa. This is a cartoon he did after the recent death of the useless White traitor, FW De Klerk. In the cartoon, he’s the guy on the left. He, Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela and Bishop Tutu … have just met, er … Satan … and it seems that Satan is going to do to them, what they did to many Blacks … looks like a necklacing is about to start! Necklacing is the standard punishment the ANC meted out to Blacks who were friendly to Whites. Nelson Mandela’s original idea to punish Black “traitors” was to cut their noses off. I read that long ago. Instead, the actual method later chosen was necklacing – the tyre around their bodies, filled with petrol and they are burned to death. Jan]

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