Boer writes to me: The 70 IQ Point brigade are destroying SA like they did Rhodesia…

[Here's an interesting comment from one of my readers that I totally agree with. I don't know Michael Black whom he is referring to. The Jews are shutting EVERYONE DOWN. They are shutting down EVERYONE THEY DO NOT LIKE.

IT IS HAPPENING WORLD WIDE. Why don't all the Jews just piss off to Israel and face the Muslims? Jan]

The average 70 IQ point brigade , have enforced mediocrity on a once thriving first world economy . As they did in Rhodesia where inflation was recently (prior to going onto USD) currency over a million percent .

They foist a slow poison of deception upon saffers and liberals , which initially soothes these libtards , while it anaesthetizes them .

By the time libtards come to their senses , its too late or they have moved on to empoison other societies .

Footnote :
1) Jan did you ever come across the Paki / Scots intel analyst , Michael Black . He fingered George Soros as an isreali intelligence asset last year . Mysteriously Michael was deplatformed from You Tube for 6 months and since returning , Michaels analysis and criticism has been somewhat subdued .
2) I have read up on Netanyahu’s Unit 8200 located in Beersheba , comprising of Mossad and other analytical agencies based in Israel , but seem not to have come across the Soros link .

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