Black Millionaires in Racist White countries: Apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia

This is from a note to an American I know. I was talking about President PW Botha creator of the massive, successful Black Taxi industry:

Take note that this industry was created by Whites under Apartheid only for Blacks. it was ILLEGAL for Whites to own taxis (though there were quite a lot who did).

This is an example of whites giving blacks something that worked for them under apartheid which the subsequent blacks themselves could never match, nor improve.

These people are now scamming on their taxes BIG TIME.

This industry is enormous.

It’s not that I care for morality, but I’m just pointing out – for those who do care and who do whine – that here is an example of a great success created specifically for blacks by whites and meant to be a success for blacks only.

Under Apartheid, there were quite a number of black multimillionaires. They never talk about that.
In Rhodesia too there were black millionaires. My father sold our farm to a Black millionaire who owned a chain of supermarkets.

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