This is an excerpt from another political situation I was commenting on. But most whites are totally ignorant of this:-

Most whites in SA do NOT realise it, but the most JEWISH CONTROLLED POLITICAL PARTY IS THE DA (Democratic Alliance). These are the “good liberals” who support freedom, etc, etc. All nonsense. The DA is the most Jewish political party in South Africa. It is Jewish from top to bottom – but the Jews decided some years ago to put a black face on the front of it. Probably 99% of the “white” Jews of South Africa vote for this political party.

The writer below is horrified that the EFF of Malema and the DA can actually be supported by the same crowd – but actually that is no surprise to me. I have been pointing this out for quite some time. In fact, from about 2012, the Jews had planned to seize control of South Africa in this election by using the DA and its links to other parties.

The political party Agang is another joke. Agang will never amount to anything, but it too was born of a Jewish conspiracy. It is built around the persona of a black woman who worked for the world bank or something of that ilk. The party was a big flop. The Jews at one time planned to MERGE the DA and Agang into one and it went VERY WRONG. It blew up nicely in their faces.

BUT BEWARE OF THE “GOOD DA”. Most whites vote for it and its insane. Most whites in South Africa do not know that they are voting for the single most Jewish (and deceitful, two-faced political party imaginable.

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