Attention Whites! Let’s remember our White Brothers & Sisters in JAIL this Xmas/Yule!


Please folks, help me in the comments section by listing any whites in any country who are in jail this Xmas/Yule.

I’m thinking of Dylann Roof, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, her husband, Matt Hale … and aren’t there others in Germany? What of the Boers in jail for their Boeremag activities? There are many whites in jail in the USA.

Please list names if you can think of any who are in jail this Xmas/Yule?

Let’s remember them. Heroes for our race.

I have a real soft spot for Dylann Roof. But I want to especially also remember the whites in Europe and Britain who are in jail for pro-white activities for doing awesome things in support of our race like daring to tell truths that the Jewish filth don’t like. Ditto for Matt Hale. The Jews won’t let him out.

Aren’t there some people in Jail in Austria too? How many are in jail in Germany?

And some have DIED in jail too … in America.

This year we lost Ernst Zundel and Ingrid. These are our ancestors … people we must remember! We too will go down that road! So feel free in the comments to mention names. I’ll make a plan for doing something with that list.

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