Attention: WASP LOVE: A Dating Website for White Christians, Right Wingers, Racialists & NAZIs!

[One of my US supporters told me he found an awesome NAZI girl in America on this dating website. The term “WASP” may be unknown to people outside the USA. WASP = White Anglo Saxon Protestant. Its main use has been to describe white Americans – since they are mostly Anglo Protestants.

The website reads: Dating – Reformed Christian, Quiverfull, Confederate, Homeschooled, Christian Identity, white nationalism, altright, Sovereign Grace Singles

Here’s the URL for the site:

If you know of any other white racial dating websites … then please put their names in the comments below. I want us to support any dating websites that will allow pro-white, white-loving whites to find love! We need marriages, babies and families! I will support any pro-white, whites-only dating website in any country in the world. Just give me their URL. If there are enough, I’ll even create permanent adverts to drive traffic to those websites. White men and women need to find each other. They have serious survival work to do.

Let’s turn around this White Genocide with the greatest white baby boom in the history of the world … we need hundreds of millions of white children! White men and women… you have serious work to do! And we don’t want small families, we need BIG FAMILIES. We need to aim for 10 children and even more, and we need a National Socialist system that will make it possible for white men and women to have STACKS OF CHILDREN.

Paul Kruger, the Boer president at the time of the 2nd (Jewish) Anglo Boer War, had 16 children with his one wife! With modern science and medicine, why can’t we match that again? Germans used to have the highest birth rate in Europe, Boers used to have enormous families, sometimes exceeding 10 children. If we could do it 100 years ago, why can’t we do that and more now?

Good luck! 14/88 Jan]

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