Attention: If FireFox gives you alerts on AfricanCrisis or HistoryReviewed

[Just a note. As a result of my own paranoia in wanting to ensure that all is well since the malware infestation which I fixed on AfricanCrisis. I have asked people to send me any messages they get. This guy below sent me screen shots. But this is nothing to worry about. I use COOKIES on all my websites. They allow a lot of additional functionality for me. They could be referred to as “tracking cookies”. But they’re not harmful. I too received such a warning from Firefox on sites I went to. Its nothing serious.

Also, if you’ve had warnings that the site is UNSAFE, that is because my security certificate expired. I will be renewing it and setting it up as a permanent feature on my sites. I had initially just been testing it. So those two warnings are warnings you can ignore. Below is the message a reader sent me. Jan]

Hi Jan.

Doesn’t seem to be a big deal, but I got an Firefox alert when I went to your African Crisis web site. I’ll send you screen snapshots to your gmail email account I have of yours. Something about social media & cross-site tracking cookies. I’ve never gotten that alert from any other web site I’ve ever been to, … ever.


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