Are Jews & Ramaphosa trying lockdown for whites for MONTHS?

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Suicide Prevention South Africa - On TikTok
There is a SUICIDE EPIDEMIC among Whites in SA. There are a *LOT* of Whites, especially men, including young men, who don‘t see any hope for themselves in SA. These people do excellent work saving the lives of Whites, especially young Whites and giving them hope.

One thing that concerns me, are the hints I am picking up from various angles, including the laughing black Jewish snake, President Ramaphosa, and those are the hints that lockdown will last for months or even a YEAR.

That is bothering me now. Furthermore, here in South Africa they are trying to CRIMINALISE any activity on phones, for people who run groups on Telegram, etc. They are talking about throwing people in jail.

It concerns me that the Jews are trying to censor us. Not only are we confined to our homes, but I hate the thought of any type of censorship.

ABUSE OF POWER is something we have to watch for. I already think that the South African Govt has engaged in an abuse of power simply over this stupid virus.

We need to watch this, and I am going to publish something to show whites everywhere, but especially in South Africa, how to do REAL ACTIVISM. I repeat: REAL ACTIVISM!

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This is an analysis of Jews at work and their bold bullshit. I specifically discuss the Jew Henry Kissinger.

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