Africa: Black Power in Africa has peaked – Downhill is the only way forward…

When I look at how things are going in Africa, I have some of my own thoughts.

Here in South Africa, Blacks are very demanding and Blacks are complaining about their situation. What the Blacks of South Africa do not seem to grasp is that they are experiencing the LAST OF THE GOOD TIMES.

The Blacks, most especially in South Africa, seem unable to conceive that things can go very badly in the future. They live in a type of lala land of fantasy and they cannot grasp that things can go very wrong here.

When I look at economic charts, it is clear that Zimbabwe’s collapse started 20 years ago, and by about 10 years ago they were in very deep shit. Despite every conceivable effort they have never been able to rise out of it.

These Blacks do not realise, in many cases, that when they go downhill, that recovery is almost impossible.

Here in South Africa, this country peaked, economically, in 2008. Ever since then, it’s been heading downhill and despite every attempt by the Black Jew Ramaphosa to turn things around, using all his global connections, he is getting very little done. In many ways he’s an amazing flop despite all his global connections.

There is no path back for South Africa either.

In my view, the long awaited collapse of Black rule has already been underway for at least about 10 years. You can look everywhere in Africa, even in successful countries, or claimed successful countries like Kenya, and you’ll see they are going nowhere.

In many cases also, a shocking number of Black African countries are totally reliant on masses of income from mining or oil. Their only real economic activity is the sale of raw materials. Farming is generally a flop in Africa.

Another unspoken aspect of Africa is that Africa has been mostly at peace for decades after being given functioning countries on a plate. They have NOT faced any real threat.

911 and the American wars for Israel have actually indirectly unleashed the greatest security threat that Black Africa has yet experienced, which is the move of Muslim terrorism into Africa. Here the Blacks are losing and it is only France and American sort of managing to keep Black states alive.

An even more important issue is this: The Western world moves forward slowly but steadily. Meanwhile, Africa has been floundering around for decades and wasting valuable money and resources. Africa is falling further and further behind the West and even behind Asia and even behind South America. Africa is NEVER going to be able to catch up.

The Blacks are heading for a future where they will be seeking PROTECTION from other, greater nations.

I think we’ve seen the peak of Black power in Africa and that the only future is downhill.

I’m absolutely convinced that we’ve seen the peak of Black power. What I also am pondering is whether the massive Black population of Blacks in Africa is a strength or a weakness. I think that under certain conditions the Blacks might even experience existential threats which nobody else on the planet will possess.

I also think Africa is heading for more war and breakup and chaos, and that includes South Africa itself.

The path is IRREVERSIBLY DOWNHILL, and nothing can change that.

I therefore think that there is hope for the Whites of South Africa.

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