A Strategy & Tactical problem for Whites: The Soft Conservative message Vs the Hard, firm Racial Message

This is from an email to some whites about someone who has quite a large audience for their show and with whom some people are getting annoyed because of the softness of their approach. I wrote this:

It is great that they have a big audience and are reaching wider. But this is always the problem that whites face, and it is a problem of width of audience, versus ability to stick on the straight and narrow of the truth. It is a path I’ve experimented with myself on a number of occasions and eventually concluded that this is a losing game. For a time, whites who go softer and softer on their message in order to get to a much wider audience will find that eventually it gets so diluted that they are no different to anyone else, and in the very end it also robs them of the deeper power their message would have. In order to bring in all the fence-sitters, and half-converts and partial-converts, they also bring in the most ineffective people too, and people who may well move on into another direction. I have long since abandoned this approach. I’m now very hard core, and it comes naturally to me and I am firmly convinced of its value. However, it is these strategies that cause us some in-fighting among ourselves. In South Africa we have many who know the truth and they speak about it nicely and softly in a most Liberal and polite manner. But that message also robs whites of the intensity of anger and determination that is needed to really get stuck into the enemy. So I understand why whites do this, and it does have some value, but I don’t think these things will last in the end.

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