A German in Germany writes to me about Germany, South Africa, Jews & more

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This is what the German wrote: Hey Jan, sad to hear you are facing criminal charges but perhaps this could be a reason for you to reconsider your game plan. I only discovered your site 1 month ago so I don’t know too much about you but I picked up some things. I started out with your 5h+ video about the Portuguese Angola race war which I listened to in one session and again on the next day. Having listened to quite a few more of your videos I must say I really like your mindset. I hardly knew anything about SA and I only know a little bit more now but your stance on not giving up SA was something much different compared to what I used to read or hear others say, which usually was the defeatist crap that we got in Germany as well. While our situation is getting worse each day, I could much rather see why someone would want to flee from SA. I also strongly agree on your stance on guns & at least to some degree on war & slavery. I surely want to enslave these fake refugees for some years before kicking them out, same with Jews & all the scum from politics, media, ngos, churches, police, military and so on. Those would amount to some few million slaves in Germany alone. Once we are free we wouldn’t even need them as slaves in order to live an amazing life, but it has to be done for the sake of justice and it will be a nice bonus for us. Anyhow, while I do agree with your mindset on the mentioned things I must say that I am certain that you are mistaken in many other areas, e.g. nukes.

This is my reply:
Thank you very much for writing to me.

It’s nice getting an email from a German, especially one who has some hope for the future. I am glad to see you are not acting like a slave.

Is it true that "anti-semitism" is growing in Germany? I’d like to know more about the status of Germans and Germany and how you folks are handling the Jews and all these non-whites the Jews are bringing in. And how are you as a people responding to this?

Never give up on Germany, never surrender.

I read with interest what you wrote below. I’m glad you found my stuff interesting and that you’re learning new things. The European Empires in Africa were a great thing, and even Hitler, in 1920, in his 25 points, DEMANDED colonies. It is amazing how the white man’s success in Africa has been turned against him.

Just a short answer on these questions below please:
The one place I totally disagree is nuclear stuff. Answer this: If nuclear bombs are not real, then how do you explain nuclear power driving electrical grids and how do you explain the processes that power the sun? If nukes are not real, then what exactly are you seeing?

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