A Code of White Ethics & White Law for White Survival


I was chatting with some of my South African supporters, and we were discussing the need to cut off aid for Africa from Europe and the USA.

Then one of my supporters wrote this:
Whites are still producing the food to keep the blacks going and multiplying.
White farmers are keepi g a 100 million blacks allive. Major problem!

I wrote the following:
I would not be surprised if the number is many times higher than that. Yes. You see the problem herein, is economics and survival. This is the same problem we face in business, in the work we do. By holding the system up, we’re not only earning money for ourselves, but we’re actually saving the blacks. I think the true answer to this is socialism among whites. We need to find ways to allow whites to survive and live, WITHOUT holding the system up. The discussion is a long one, but we need to find the answers to this problem. My own thinking is that CAPITALISM – raw capitalism – unmodified by “white ethics for whites” can kill us. There are some things we must refuse to do. It won’t be easy, but even if we apply it A LITTLE BIT. It will help us massively. The others are so dependent on us, that if we removed even 1% of our support, the system would already be deeply in trouble. There has to be an ethical code among us, that there are some things we just do not do. Example: White CEO appointed for Eskom. If that man was pro-white, he would refuse the position. And if he did go forward to take the position, someone should assassinate him. We need to create codes of ethics like this. Once we do that, we will win, easily. It won’t take much.

A pal of mine, a former supporter of my early days, a young, very bright Italian guy, and I had a bunch of chats. He lives in London. He also lived in Switzerland. He observed how non-whites behave. He came up with a concept, which I’ve never published, but need to, called “White Law”. He made a bunch of rules on how we whites should behave, and how such group behaviour (which is what Muslims, Jews, etc do), would enable us to survive. I would call it a code of ethics. That there are just some things that we do NOT TOLERATE among our own. And by doing that, our entire group, and our race in fact, will benefit. That is why I am constantly telling whites in North America and Europe: Stop donating money, food, medicine to blacks in Africa. If you stop doing that, you will actually allow us in Africa to win and SURVIVE with the greatest of ease. What I like about that idea is that it is win-win – because the whites then save money and use it for themselves, which strengthens them, and at the same time by withholding charity they’re saving us. It is very rare to find a situation where CUTTING BACK on support can be a big winner. It is the opposite of asking for more money. I think this idea could fly as our brethren grasp its importance and benefits for our race. This could be very powerful, given that much of Africa is now on the brink and the crises are moving to ever newer levels. This can work. Also when the blacks are starving to death, then you’ll see them beginning to kill their own politicians. Its all win win.

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