9 Months for a letter to get to me! – COVID & The Unbelievably useless South African Post Office

On 24th November 2020 I went to my post box to check for mail. It’s my weekly ritual, and this entire year I’ve received maybe only 2 letters – because of COVID lockdowns and the total uselessness of South Africa along with strikes, etc.

Anyhow, I saw a letter in the box and took it home and opened it. To my amazement upon closer inspection the letter inside was dated 19th February 2020. It was a letter from the USA!

It’s the first time in my life that a letter has taken over 9 months to get to me! I have experienced waits of 2 or 3 months … but never 9 months.

I suspect that the majority of the wait was in South Africa and it was probably due to a combination of lockdowns and strikes!

But there you have it … a letter from the USA to South Africa … 9 months!!!

That’s how damned dysfunctional SA is!!!

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