9 EXCELLENT Memes: Judaism, better known as Communism…

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When one is trying to educate other Whites about Jews, you get people turning around and saying that Jews are only a religion. But others think that Jews might be a race. In this video I discuss the confusion relating to Jews when one speaks to other Whites.

[I spotted this really nice little meme on a conservative website. Hidden among all the conservatism was this meme, with rather bad graphics (which I am too useless to improve on!!!); which says: Judaism, better known as COMMUNISM!

I wanted to check up on some of the quotes, and found many by that excellent website, smoloko.com.

One which caught me off guard was discovering a quote by Hilaire Belloc. He’s a famous name I’ve come across before, but I was astounded by his quote about the Jews. To my utter amazement, he actually wrote a book about the Jews and the Jewish problem and the threat it poses to Europe! Yes, Hilaire Belloc was an anti-semite, in other words: A MAN WHO SPOKE THE TRUTH!

He was an astounding wordsmith, with good insights.

I laughed at this quote from him about the Catholic Church:

Let’s return to Judaism, better known as communism. Let’s start with Hilaire Belloc’s quote about the Jews! Here is a wordsmith of note, an author and a poet, and what he says about the Jews, as a true European, a true white man. Jan]

Here is the conservative meme: Judaism, better known as Communism!

This particular one, which is from smoloko, interests me terribly. Smoloko is normally 100% dead on the money. I’ve never yet found an error from smoloko.com. What interests me is the source for this. I wish I knew the source. This is truly important, and really big:

This one below is totally true, I’ve verified this before, and this is one of the darkest aspects of this hideous system of Jewish Communism. This alone, should tell you that there was an enormous problem here:

And finally, let’s not forget the late, great, George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American NAZI party who died for us whites!

He basically says the same thing as other great white male intellectuals: Bobby Fischer and Hilaire Belloc:

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