3 Charts: White Science & Technology is pushing forward – falling battery prices & massive growth in Electric Cars

[The Western world always powers its way forward and I am enjoying this a lot. This has huge implications for Africa for example. The white man will be far ahead of these blacks. This also has a lot of meaning for those of us in South Africa. I am delighted to see battery powered cars coming online. All I need now is a DIY electric car I can build for myself or perhaps more realistic a car I can convert to battery power! I have been experimenting with solar power and batteries at my home since 2015, and I'm becoming quite a fanatic when it comes to batteries. I see it as a way of getting away from collapsing infrastructure. Jan]

Here is a chart of the rapid fall in the prices of batteries!

Here is a chart showing the number of electric cars in the world, and the rate at which this is growing is very interesting:

In terms of percentages Norway is rocking:

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