2023: The BIG Electricity Collapse that is coming in June/July – White Survival Planning

Over here we’re heading into serious Electricity collapse due to all these fools and scum running the show. But, the good news is that the faster we can become a FAILED STATE the better. This is our real chance to break out for White Freedom and I need to explain this to more Whites. I think that the sooner all Western states start collapsing the better. But we are way ahead of all of you. So it’s our chance to pioneer!

We’ve been hit with our electricity outages, but it’s due to get much worse in April, and they reckon the big hit is coming in June/July in our Winter! In April we might have 13 hours without electricity per day, but July might be as high as 20 hours with no electricity per day. I don’t mind us going half a day without electricity but when it gets higher then all sorts of things begin collapsing. Deep-freezes defrost. That’s already happened to my family in the Free State (further south). But my biggest worry is the Internet going down. I’ve been doing research and we have battery systems that run the mobile phone towers. So phones can go out if the power outages last longer than 6 hours at a pop. My biggest concern is the Internet itself going down. So I’m already beginning to talk to my neighbours, friends and family about this because I need the Internet daily for my websites.

So I’ll be planning and seeing what I can do. My normal power, I can handle by myself with my own handiwork and various purchases. I can function fine with 10 hour and 12 hour power outages per day. But 15 and 20 starts adding complications that I’ve not planned for.

It’s going to be a wild year. But my main goal is to see to it that my websites and videos function like normal. That’s what I want to do. The information must keep flowing.

This is, however, a God send because a FAILED STATE is the path to White Freedom and I need to ensure that I explain this clearly to all the Whites here. The sooner this collapses the better, AND we must plan ahead and prepare.

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