Video: German Boer Unity: Whites must Boycott Jewish helpers and anti-White businesses!

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Alfred Schaefer and I discuss those who help the Jews against Whites. These Jewish helpers need to be boycotted and also social pressures must be put on them.

The disgusting, filthy Jewish scum are trying to get a man in Austria, Wolfgang, whose been in jail for over 10 years for the ficticious Jewish “crime” of holocaust denial, to be declared mentally insane and sent to a mental institution for the rest of his life!

In Germany they are encouraging children to report adults to the state who are “anti-semitic”. Whites are making lists of such traitors and shabbos goy who are assisting the Jewish filth in working to destroy the white race.

We discuss the extreme hatred that the Jews (who were a powerful aristocracy in Poland), fomented against the Germans. We discuss the Jews who were behind the massacre of the cream of the Polish army officer corp who were killed in Katyn forrest. The good news is that relations between Germans and Poles is improving fast in the age of the Internet and the Poles are Jew-wise!

We “thought” that there were no problems and challenges are WW2, but that was a Jewish global myth. Instead whites have NEVER lost so many wars as we have since WW2. This includes the USA in Vietnam and Korea. Even the mighty USA was losing wars in ways they never expected. Reed was so right that the Jews were behind all these terrible things.

Alfred said he is boycotting all Cannon products because they have blacks in their adverts in Germany. I mentioned the Boer boycotts of Spur fast foods and Die Beeld. I’m boycotting Paypal and we urge whites to boycott ANY anti-white business in the world.

The Jews especially have control of Paypal, Google and Youtube.

It is right and correct for whites to HATE Jews and to HATE our enemies. Its normal and healthy and we have a RIGHT to do this to anyone or anything that threatens our existence.

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