2008: Zimbabwe Civil War: Main Trade Union leaders arrested for incitement to rebellion. Also: forming an Armed Wing

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[I am absolutely DELIGHTED that the President & General Secretary of Zim’s main trade union organisation have told the people to rise up in rebellion. We must all do our bit to spread the word around in support of them.

The orders to rebel will surely never come from Morgan Tsvangirai himself, nor the MDC due to the nature of politics. As it is, Mugabe wants to charge Tsvangirai with treason just to intimidate him with the threat of hanging.

I think it is time to look back on an analysis I did almost 3 years ago about making the MDC much more militant. It is time to revisit those concepts again.

Here is the article from July 2005: Zim: Is the MDC falling apart? Forming an Aggressive Party against Mugabe…


That is even truer in 2008 than when I wrote it in 2005. In fact, as I pointed out in my other analyses – TIME IS ON THE MDC’S SIDE. Mugabe’s own structures have been falling apart due to the economic hell he created. Now, it has eaten away the underside of the whole country and even his own power base is in serious trouble. His means to retain power through force – IS WEAKENING – by the day. Mugabe is now like a wounded animal. He is weakening. He can put up a fight, but he is losing blood by the day. He needs to be bitten more and savaged more ferociously. The more wounds he has, the QUICKER HIS FALL. NOBODY MUST GIVE MUGABE A BREATHING SPACE. NOT POLITICALLY, NOT ECONOMICALLY AND NOT MILITARILY. THE ATTACK ON ALL FRONTS MUST BE PRESSED HOME UNCEASINGLY. Nobody must sit back thinking it is good to release the pressure and that he will collapse. If you give Mugabe any respite he will be bouncing back. To give your enemy a breathing space to regroup IS TO MAKE A MASSIVE STRATEGIC ERROR. Keep pressing home the attack on all fronts, until total collapse and your own guys are in. Do not rest for one minute or second, until President Tsvangirai has been sworn in. Any other strategy will just make this carry on longer – and nobody wants that. This thing must be brought to an end.

In the article, I wrote about the need for a more militant party to fight Mugabe. In other articles at the time, I also expressed the idea that a deliberate move is made within the MDC to split off and to create an ARMED WING. The Armed wing can disassociate itself from the MDC and can then fight. But, there may be another way. Given that the Trade Union leaders below have been arrested for incitement to rebellion – maybe the answer is already staring us in the face. What if the Trade Unions go ahead and start creating the Army that is needed to fight Mugabe? They already have links directly to the masses. They can quietly kick off the whole plan. They can form the Armed wing, with or without the knowledge of the MDC. In fact, they don’t even have to tell the MDC or make any statements. They could just DO IT without further discussion. The mood is right for it, and the people are ready to support it.

I wrote a number of past articles on the issue of fighting Mugabe and bringing an end to his hell. They are worth browsing.

In this one from April 2006, I mention Morgan Tsvangirai saying he will LEAD FROM THE FRONT (lovely stuff!), I discuss that an Armed wing can be formed with the help of Britain and the USA: Zim Govt Warns: Opposition Leader & Demonstrators will be shot dead

Here I had some serious critique of David Coltart regarding peace versus war: Debate: Zimbabwe is at War & People should wake up!

Back in June 2006 I discussed the issue of Blacks and Whites working together to oust Mugabe (an idea I am still in favour of): If Blacks & Whites were to ally to drive Mugabe out…

Returning to the issue of the arrested Trade Union leaders. The FEELING ON THE GROUND IN ZIMBABWE is that the time has come to throw Mugabe out for once and for all. These leaders are merely reflecting a general mood. Their words did not create the mood. The mood is there and cannot be stopped. I have heard about “the word on the street” from people who were THERE. The Masses ARE THINKING ABOUT REBELLION and they must be encouraged, helped and assisted by everyone who is in a position to do so.

I also heard something interesting from a friend who has a Zimbabwean working for him. The Zimbabwean was saying that even Mugabe’s attacks on the blacks now WON’T WORK. It will be EVEN MORE COUNTER PRODUCTIVE. The recent converts from ZANU PF who switched to the MDC are even angrier with Mugabe than the MDC supporters. He says no amount of beating and murder will change anything.

Keep in mind folks – that this could be true. The human spirit is a strange thing. The human spirit is such that, if force alone could conquer the world, then it would have been done long ago. People can be extremely strong when they want to. Every single conqueror in history, no matter how violent, has never been able to retain his power by military means alone. Every single political system has broken in the end no matter how much military power it had. Even extreme cruelty eventually has its limits. So it could be that the people’s spirit is now much stronger.


My other sources confirm the feeling on the ground. The time is here. Mugabe is going – by hook or by crook.

And I think I may have the first proof that the Zimbabweans are thinking seriously about this matter. Take a close look at this news story: S.Africa: Zimbabwean man nabbed for possession of explosives worth R20,000

Now it could be that this Zimbabwean was involved in crime in South Africa. But there is no proof. How do you know he was not buying those explosives in order to use them in Zimbabwe? In fact, the mere fact that he was caught, might indicate that he does not have the normal cover and savvy of normal criminals. One way or the other, Zimbabweans with or without criminal links, could start trying to source explosives, guns, etc from South Africa.

Of course, going after guns and explosives is also the trickiest thing of all, and no doubt, most would be caught since this is what the laws are aimed at. Look at how the Boeremag were caught in South Africa. Zimbabweans will be caught too.

I have never been a great believer in the effectiveness of explosives alone. They’re great in the hands of an expert who can blow up a vehicle or rail bridge – but there are very few of them around. A lot of what you need explosives for can be achieved in other more mundane ways. To blow stuff up is to draw attention to yourself. It also makes it easier to track and trace you.

The real concept Zimbabweans need to study is ASYMETRIC WARFARE. The Chinese are very interested in ASYMETRIC WARFARE against the USA. The concept is simple: Complex and sophisticated things can be damaged or destroyed using very simple techniques.

You can bring down an entire aircraft using a pair of pliers – IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO. Forget missiles and landmines… and blowing stuff up. There are much better, cheaper, and effective ways of doing things, IN SUCH A WAY THAT YOUR ENEMY DOES NOT EVEN KNOW YOU NAILED HIM!!!! Why do something and then get caught? If you blow stuff up, you draw attention to yourself. So do it quietly and walk away undetected. There is no reason why ONE MAN can’t bring down several aircraft or disable several vehicles without being detected.

Let me give some examples of Asymetric warfare:-

Why blow stuff up? Why not set fire to things, or damage them in other ways with your hands? Its quieter… and its harder to trace people. Throw some sand into a vehicle’s fuel tank. That will bugger its engine up completely. Or crawl under it and make a hole in something? Do some subtle damage… drain out some of its oil so that the whole engine seizes. That’s one less vehicle!

Why blow up a train or a rail bridge? Rather derail a train and steal supplies from it. Drain its fuel and carry it away. Digging away the foundations under the railway line might be more effective than planting a bomb.

In theory, aircraft should be the easiest things to put out of action. Helicopters would be nice things to put out of action. A helicopter is actually a fragile thing if you know what to damage. Even simple damage could leave it grounded and make it unable to fly. e.g. Just drill a hole in its tail rotor or saw a little piece off it and it will probably be unable to fly or if it does fly it will have tremendous vibrations which could later cause it to crash.

After 9/11 a plane crashed in Queens New York. It dived straight into the ground. An expert on air crashes wrote a fascinating article about how that plane might have crashed due to Asymetric warfare. He explained in great detail, how a terrorist with a pair of pliers could have brought that entire plane down.

He basically wrote in detail how, by making a small cut in the hydraulic fuel line… the plane would have taken off. As it took off and the oil in the line was under pressure, more oil would leak out. The plane would become unmanageable. It would start banking continuously more and more to one side. The US Govt hushed all this evidence up, but I read this detailed analysis which explained everything and why the pilots would never be able to correct the problem.

Thus, if one knows how… and mechanics and maintenance people on planes, trains, trucks, helicopters and vehicles are really the people with the prime info… you can do incredible amounts of damage and nobody will even know about it.

A long time back, I did post some ideas from Dr Chris Jordaan, about going after not only Govt structures but things owned by Mugabe’s high ranking scum. They own businesses and property. Why not rob from ZANU PF businesses and then burn them down afterwards?

There are millions of illegal weapons floating around southern Africa. Whites can’t get these weapons since we’d stand out like sore thumbs. But blacks can.

The ANC used to build simple weapons in the townships of South Africa. That knowledge is still there. It can be tapped.

But what you see could be the start of something. Although, there are things Zimbabweans could source from other countries like Zambia and Mozambique where it might be easier to do so. Jan]

Harare – The president and general secretary of Zimbabwe’s main umbrella trade union organisation have been arrested for incitement to rebellion, a labour spokesperson said on Friday.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union’s president Lovemore Matombo and secretary-general Wellington Chibebe were arrested on Thursday and were still in police custody, ZCTU spokesperson Last Charabuka said.

“They were arrested on Thursday for inciting people to rise up against the government” during speeches made to supporters on May Day, he said.

“The police also accused them of spreading falsehoods against the government.” – Sapa-AFP

Source: http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?art_id=nw20080509145405132C121770

Source: http://archive.africancrisis.info/?p=26612

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