2 Charts: S.Africa: Top Jobs: Some ASTOUNDING statistics showing Whites vs Other Races!!!

[In South Africa, where the blacks are the vast majority of the population, we need racial quotas in order for the blacks to survive and make headway. These things come with fancy Liberal names, but its just racial discrimination by ALL RACES AIMED AT WHITES ONLY!

So how are the races doing when they compete in this way? Well, all that stuff about IQ and inherited intelligence still comes through loud and clear.

One of the terms for racial discrimination against whites is: BEE – Black Economic Empowerment. This is a specific kind of discrimination aimed at the upper levels of business. It is aimed mostly at owners and top management.

A Liberal mass media newspaper published some statistics recently that tell a fascinating story.

Let’s look at whites, and how whites are doing in 2018 versus 10 years ago! So despite ALL the other racies working against the whites, we see that in senior management whites dropped from 65% to 56% in 10 years. That’s quite a drop, but given that whites are 9% of the country’s population, it shows that its damned hard to get rid of whites! So that’s not bad going at all. The truth is this; if the whites were just all thrown out of these positions, entire companies would collapse and the economy would collapse. So even the Liberal and foreign scum who own these businesses, have to keep whites around because they know, if all the whites were kicked out, the companies would collapse in a second.

In top management, whites have done even better. There they dominate even more. They are in 67% of the positions, having lost less than 1% in 10 years. Whites are actually EXCELLENT LEADERS, and that’s why they shine at these higher levels. Its really hard to get rid of them.

NB: The whites in these positions, by the way, are NOT the best of the whites! The very best whites are never promoted to any of these levels. So women, faggots, etc are promoted and white males are shafted big time in all these very senior positions. So most of these senior whites are really “second rate” whites … even so… they’re critical and better than anyone else.

Blacks, who are the retards of the whole setup, are struggling. In senior management they gained 2% in ten years, while whites lost 10%. But if you look at the Indians and Coloureds, you’ll see they have increased their positions in senior management even more than the blacks! So in a nutshell, everyone is outperforming the blacks even though coloureds and indians make up a similar or smaller portion of the population than whites. Even so, let it be said, whites are the most dominant, given their 9% population ratio!

In top management, you see something even more astounding! They promoted blacks to 18.8% ten years ago and BLACKS HAVE LOST GROUND IN TOP MANAGEMENT!! Yes, blacks BLACKS HAVE LOST GROUND IN THE VERY TOP JOBS!!! Incredible, but true! Again you’ll see Coloureds and Indians making the most gains, while the 2nd rate whites of top management are actually holding a very powerful position.

For the record: If you are a white and you have a successful business, you will be denied contracts with Govt if you don’t hand over a portion of your business to blacks. This is what BEE was really about. So a white CANNOT have 100% ownership of their own business if they want Govt contracts! See the definition at the bottom!

Let this be a lesson in how RACE actually works! Its NOT what the lying Liberals and Jews have been telling you! Jan]

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