Photo: S.Africa: Black artist’s painting of nude (((white))) Jewish Politician showing her vagina!

So let’s return to the creepy Jew act in South Africa where a Jew will fake it to any extent, even pretending to be a black communist in order to get votes as well as faking lesbian kisses and much more. If you want to look at all that background on the Jewish communist Helen Zille, then check it out here: 19 Pics: Jewish Chameleons at Work: 19 Pics: Jewish Chameleons at Work: Helen Zille & Theresa May pretending they are BLACK!!!

So after all this singing and dancing and “getting down” with blacks and doing black power salutes and lesbian stuff … you would think that the blacks have got stacks of respect for this intensely fake Jewish act?

Well, it seems a black “artist” had the very “creative” idea that he should paint a picture of the black christian weakling, Maimane, pulling a rickshaw in which Zille and a Jewish man are. When this “artist” painted this “artwork”, he had the “original” idea of making Maimane naked and painting his genitals in detail. He decided to paint the genitals of the Jews in detail too.

Here’s a photo of the “art” below. It seems the black did spend a lot of time ensuring that he painted everyone’s genitals in great detail! Facebook had to blur the genitals! The (((white))) man next to Zille is James Selfe. I can’t find firm proof he’s a Jew, but having looked a bit into his background I’d say there is at least a 95% chance that he is Jewish. His past actions definitely suggest that he is Jewish. The (((Democratic Alliance))) is a 100% Jewish controlled entity, from top to bottom.

So there we have the Jewess with her legs wide open and everyone’s genitals exposed. The black artist is standing behind his apparent masterpiece.

So the liberals had to run around in shock trying to figure out how to deal with this rather rude painting! Eventually the weak liberal scum decided to call it “satire” and to excuse it and move on.

The black believes that his painting is worth a staggering R300,0000 ($21,400)!!!

So ask yourself: How much “respect” does a Jew get from blacks after sucking up to them endlessly? Clearly not much. So that makes me laugh at the Jewish scum. I don’t think the Jew/Black game is working out so well. Stick around…


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